the beginning...

We started with a grand plan: To create the finest food trailer this world has ever tasted, end of story! With great success. We served burgers, hot dogs, fries, all the comfort foods we all love. Many repeat customers with big smiles! Then we wanted to try a specialty trailer??? So thats when the GET YOUR"IRISH"ON trailer was born. It's an everything corned beef theme.


Our secret? It's simple... All items have corned beef in them in some way! 


Turns out we also like people, though. We're not making these delicious, one-of-a-kind corned beef creations to not share. We hope to share them with you, in fact. And soon. So head on in to the nearest food truck festival, brewery, local fair and more to feast your eyes on the greatest corned beef ever made. You won't be sorry you did.


24/7...365 days!

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We use only the best ingredients that keep
customers coming back AGAIN ANd again.